We deeply appreciate that we had a lot of attendance.
Our event has closed.



A attraction for something related “Rain” in Asia, and players will find out the truth by following the story.
There is also a shopping area just beside the attraction.


All stores has at least one exclusive commercial product only at Mizu event.
All exclusive products are highlighted in billboard with "exclusive tag".
Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!




・ How to play ・

・ Story ・

・ Attention ・





  □ Mizu director □

Teftef Violet ( Never Ending )

* English sentences are below. Please click "here"



※ 装着されますと、パーミッションの許可を求められますので必ず「YES」を押してください。





※ ご来場の際は、こちらの注意事項をご一読くださいますよう、よろしくお願いいたします。

"Mizu" is a type of attraction that you follow the story with HUD.

After arriving the landing point, you can get HUD by touching the poster on east side.
Please don't forget attaching HUD.

* After attaching the HUD, Please click "Yes" for the permission dialog.

OK, all set, are you ready? open the door, go into the theater, and have a seat. Soon your story will begin.

The story starts every 5 minutes.
If you come with friends, we recommend sitting same color of chairs.(8 seats maximum for green, 6 seats maximum for yellow, red and blue). Enjoy the show with your friends together.

Have fun!

Here has gathered the important points of the event. Please read though it before comming.

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届いたというよりは 置かれていたに近い。
『 いずみの記憶が漏れました。。。 水が逃げ出しました。。。。 石が逃げ出しました。。。 どうか。。。 』
昔 その場所に存在していた小さな集落が顔を出していた。
それはこの村で起こった[悲しい出来事の記憶]と[悪意]を閉じ込めていた 水の入ったメノウ石だった。
そして、あなたは どのような雨を見ることとなるのか………

That day, you dropped and broke a stone something very important.
Since that day, it has never rained...
One day, I got a mail.
There was no postmark, address and name on it.
The mail was just wired.
I mean... I was sure it was not sent by someone.
A paper of the mail had slightly earthy smell and their texture was rough like a aged paper.
It was pretty scary for me to open it, but I did.
[Scene 1]
“Stored memory of the IZUMI keeps leaking.
Now, all water are gone. The STONE is gone. Everyone listen, please..."A voice on TV reported a headline news loudly.
A News reporter kept reporting how serious drought situation in surrounding community of IZUMI village was.
“Look at there everyone. We can now see an old underwater city, IZUMI village from the dam.”
You decided to go see there and found the old village just like News said.
"This is IZUMI..."
It was isolated from the rest of the world.
There are not lived-in feel.
The village lost their spirit to exist.
You felt something scared,
"Let's go home..."
When you were getting ready to leave the place, you suddenly saw an old scene of the IZUMI village.
It was totally a Gothic experience.
"What's that? What happens to me?! Oh my..."- Rest of the story, please enjoy at a event-
More story information just to creators
You are the one who broke the thing...
The stone... It was the factor of this sad story.
Who did lock the memories in the stone?
How can you break through this drought crises?
Now you may wonder...
-------------------------------------------You'll find a big secret of "IZUMI" by following a story. We are looking forward seeing you at the event.

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※事前に配布させて頂いております広告HUD【オブジェクト名:2015 MIZU (wear Me】でのスクリプトチェックでは、アトラクションHUDを会場で装着する事を考慮し1Mbyteを上限とし、広告HUDのスクリプト値を含まない状態で測定しています。


ご自身のスクリプトの確認は 以下の要領で出来ます。




・描写距離 288以上
・シェーダー ON 



SIMには人数制限があります。混雑時は、しばらく時間を置いてご来場ください。 ご協力をお願いいたします。

For enjoying this event, we have a script limitation which max size is 3072kb/3MB.
When you come to our event, please all your attachment should be under 1728kb.
It does not included the HUD for gaming which names 【MIZU_HUD(1344kb)】.

*You can get gaming HUD from notification board at entrance in MIZU event.
This is how you can check your script size.

*A script checker from the advertisig HUD which names 【2015 MIZU (wear Me】from advertising posters  is able to measure with your script as max size 1Mbyte and the number of the script you wear is not included the script of 【2015 MIZU (wear Me】.

*Contens of the Advertisig HUD 【2015 MIZU (wear Me】can only use for annoucement to our event so please take Advertising HUD off when you come to our event.

World- >Open ”About Land Window- >Click Script Info Botton- >Select ”Avatar” Tab- >Click Refresh List Botton


We recommends...

・Draw distance is more than 288.
・Maximum particle should be more than 256.
・Active with your basic/atmospheric shaders.
・Active with all your sound.

And there are also favors as follows:
Please do not...

・Put any face/beauty lights.
・When you shop at shopping are, please take off your MIZU_HUD.
* MIZU_HUD sometimes causes blurred your vision.

There is a limit on the number of people in this SIM.
If SIM was full, please try to come back later.
I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but I appreciate your cooperation.